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In private prison litigation, our team is dedicated to holding private prison operators accountable. With deep legal expertise, we craft strategies to challenge injustices and uphold the rights of incarcerated individuals. We aim to dismantle systemic issues and secure meaningful outcomes for those impacted by private prisons, striving to ensure justice prevails in every case. Let us help you fight for your rights and achieve closure.

Leveling the Playing Field in Texas

Texas law provides powerful tools to hold private prisons accountable. Unlike government entities, private operators are not shielded by governmental immunity. This means they can be held liable for negligence and other civil wrongs, just like any other business. Additionally, recent court rulings have chipped away at common defenses used by private prisons. Medical contractors can no longer claim qualified immunity, and courts are increasingly willing to find patterns of abuse even without formal written policies. This opens the door for seeking punitive damages against the companies that run these prisons.

Our Proven Path to Justice

Our legal team has a deep understanding of both state and federal laws governing private prisons. We leverage this expertise to craft comprehensive legal strategies that address your specific situation. Whether it's pursuing traditional negligence claims, fighting for compensation for injuries, or holding private prisons accountable for constitutional violations, we'll navigate the legal complexities with diligence and determination. We are committed to securing the best possible outcome for you.

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